Even though I’ve probably operated more bone marrow concentration and platelet rich plasma devices than anyone else in this country and have at least two more bioengineering degrees than any human needs, I am not a medical doctor. I have never been licensed to practice medicine, nor am I a licensed dietitian. The information provided in this blog is researched, and referenced, but it is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. I encourage all readers to view the information in this blog as a hilarious starting point in their journey toward informed health, wellness, and longevity decision-making. All blog content is my own opinion, informed, researched, and sarcastic as it may be.

Before making any medical/surgical, dietary, or exercise decisions/modifications, you should consult a licensed physician who understands your unique health situation and is qualified to advise you on such matters. 

Definitely don’t base any of your healthcare decisions on the opinion of a thirty-something scientist who has been more than once described as “too snarky to function in public.”

As you might guess of any millenial, I reserve the right to change the way this blog is run, how information is handled, and how many times I mention dinosaurs at any time without prior notice.